Assalamu-Alaikum ww, 

The Kathor Muslim Society of UK (KMS) was formed over 35 years ago!

The very first meeting of the Society was held in 1980, in Gloucester.  Many of our elders who attended that first meeting have now passed on.   May He shower them with His mercy and reward them for their efforts.

The Society has progressed from modest beginnings all those years ago.  It is established and stable through the grace of Allah SWT and the hard work, in particular, by the early founders and many of those that followed.

You may be thinking – “How is it that I know so little about an organisation that has been around for 35 years?”.

Well; that’s what we’re trying to change.  We want to increase awareness of the Society and its activities and also to encourage Kathorians to take an active part in how the Society moves forward.

The Society has always been committed to raising funds for many worthwhile causes in Kathor.

Since registering as a charity in February 2006 the Society has increased its effort in directly raising funds for those in need. We have run fundraising appeals during Ramadhan since becoming a charity. This has resulted in over £100,000 being raised to support good causes, primarily in Kathor.

Our efforts in Kathor are supported by registered NGOs in the area.  The Society’s work focusses on three key areas – Medical, Education and Social & Welfare projects.

Medical help has been provided through:

free ‘health camps’ covering cardiology, family/ women’s health, orthopaedics and dentistry

both in-patient and out-patient treatments covering a range of health services and medical procedures. Treating many thousands of patients annually

the Society has funded the purchase of an ECG monitor, defibrillator, X-Ray & more recently ultrasound equipment for the local hospital.

In education, we are supporting 40 children (up to age 17) at the local school, the MAI Educational Trust. The Society is also sponsoring the studies of scholars at the local Islamic university.  In higher education, the Society directly supports students at colleges and universities.  A number of our students have successfully graduated.

We also support many social and welfare projects. This includes supporting individuals to become self-sufficient through training and equipment.  We have helped newly married couples with essential items to set up home together.  In the lead up to Ramadan the Society distributes essential food parcels to the needy in Kathor.

In addition, the Society supports emergency relief across the globe though Ummah Welfare Trust – a UK Registered Charity that has expertise in this field.

In the UK the Societies activities are focused on community engagement amongst Kathorians. The traditional networks of our 1st & 2nd generation Kathorians are fast disappearing, we hope the Society through its events and on-line presence can help develop and reinforce these traditional networks.

2011 saw the first five-a-side football tournament organized by the Society to engage the next generation of Kathorians from across the UK. This received some excellent feedback and follow up events have been held in 2013 & 2015.

In May 2017, we held our first family event with over 300 guests.  Combining a football & cricket tournament for brothers, a sister’s badminton tournament and with many other activities for sisters and children.

It has been a long standing aim of the Society to support the skills, educational and professional development of young Kathorians.  We hope to launch a number of initiatives in the near future.  We would welcome your ideas.

The Society is looking at other needs of the Kathorian community here in the UK.  We would encourage your active participation to develop these ideas and put them into practice.

Support Us! 

We are now running annual appeals during Ramadhan. Please donate generously during these appeals for worthy causes.    As little as £2 a month can go a long way in supporting worthy causes in Kathor.

Our Get Involved section has more on other ways you can support the us.

If you would like to find out more and receive updates please subscribe below, alternatively use the Contact Us form to get in touch.

Lastly, thank you for taking the time to read this and we ask that you pray the Society is rightly guided by Him in all its efforts.

April 2018.

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