Over the last decade The Kathor Muslim Society of UK has defined its commitment to supporting those in need in our ancestral town of Kathor.  Delivering initiatives in many areas of relief work covering health, education, social and welfare projects.

This has only been possible with your donations and duas raising over £100,000 since we started our fundraising.  Please continue to support this valuable and much needed work.

Our work in the UK has delivered community events starting with the football in 2011.  Further successful events were held in 2013 & 2015 bringing together our Muslim Kathorian brothers through sport.

In 2017, we extended this to a family event that combined football for brothers and fun & community day for our sisters and younger children.  An incredibly well supported and successful day.

Establishing and maintaining relationships with our Kathorian Muslim Community in the UK is one of our key aims and these events are one way of achieving this.   The logistics of organising national events for a volunteer run organisation means these occur every two years.

Another of our key aims is supporting the skills, educational & professional development of Kathorian Muslims in the UK.  We hope, Insha-Allah, to launch initiatives to support these aims in Autumn 2018.

Ways that you can help:

Support for worthy causes in Kathor

Help with our fundraising – we are registered with BT MyDonate so if you are doing a walk, fun-run, hike, marathon and pick us one of your charities! Let us know and we will promote through our website and newsletters. 

Have you recently visited Kathor or are planning to?   Let us know and we will arrage for you to meet with our partners.  Maybe you could write about your experiences on your return and contribute to the site?

Donate generously to our Appeals.

Community Engagement

Organise local events, with our support, for Kathorians.  Combine with a bit of fundraising too.

Do you want to share knowledge and experiences that would benefit Kathorians in the UK?  A health & fitness expert on getting fit?  A medic that could advise on healthier living? A teacher helping parents get the best out of our education system?

Help out at our national events.  Are you registered First Aider? DBS cleared to work with children and vulnerable adults?  A sports coach, umpire/refereeing experience? Anything else that could support our events.

Skills, Education & Professional Development

Can you present on topic that would help young professionals to develop their careers?  Would you like to be mentor? 

Do you know of opportunities in your industry/profession that you could write about and promote?  How to get on the first rung of a profession?  Avoiding the pitfalls?

Experienced in promoting Islamic knowledge and understanding within our communities?

Much of our Skills, Educational and Professional Development is at the very early stages, here’s your chance to get involved and help us move forward.

Get in touch with your thoughts, ideas & contributions.


April 2018


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