The Kathor Medical Trust provide health care in the local community. The Trust delivers this through a GP service (Sarabibi Kazi Sarvajanik Dispensary) and a general hospital(Haji D.M. Lockhat and Mrs. Amina Suleman Dadabhai General Hospital).

The Kathor Medical Trust, our primary partner in the Society’s health programmes, needs your continued support.  The Trust strives to improve the health of the local population by bringing quality care closer to the patient and their families.

The Trust supports the provision of early diagnosis and preventative ‘Health Camps’ covering dentistry, family/women’s health, orthopaedics and cardiology – many of the neediest have benefited from these camps.

The Kathor Medical Trust annually provides many thousands of out-patient and in-patient treatments covering a broad range of health services and medical procedures.

The Trust was established in 1994 and is registered as a charity in India, B/1307/SURAT.

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