Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah & Ramadhan Mubarak

We hope and pray you are in good health with the grace of Allah SWT.  The blessed month of Ramadhan is here, may Allah SWT grant us the guidance to truly appreciate its value and to accept from us our fasting and prayers, Ameen.

The focus of the Society’s appeals is giving financial support to charitable trusts, NGOs & individuals in Kathor that serve the needs of the local population.  This covers three main areas; medical/health, education, & social welfare.

Alhamdulillah with your donations and du’as our support for these essential causes has grown year on year.  In the last year, your generosity has made possible:

  • provision of early diagnosis and preventative ‘Health Camps’ covering dentistry, family/women’s health, orthopaedics and cardiology
  • support for five students towards becoming an Aalim, now in their 4th year of aalimiyat studies
  • cover the costs of medical treatment of the teachers & students at Jamiah Haqqaniya Islamiyah and many of the local imams & muazzins in Kathor
  • direct funding of students of higher/undergraduate courses through support for fees, tuition, subsistence and other costs
  • providing the basic home essentials for newly married couples through our Nikah programme
  • distributing nearly a hundred food parcels to the neediest for Ramadhan
  • providing tools & training for trades such as sewing, carpentry, plumbing and electrical maintenance
  • supporting over forty students through primary and secondary education, covering both English & Gujarati taught mediums
  • completion of essential electrical maintenance works at the Elahi Masjid, Kathor
  • a widows/orphan’s monthly support programme for the essentials of daily life.

Many of these projects are delivered through local registered charities and community groups, including:

  • Kathor Medical Trust
  • Jamiah Haqqaniya Islamiya
  • MAI Trust
  • Kathor Community Development Trust
  • Kathor Majlis-e-Ulema
  • KSV(Karachi)

How your donations can support this essential work:

Aalim/Hifz sponsorship £120 per year/£10 per month
Primary through to Secondary education – English/Gujarati taught mediums £30 (Gujarati)/£80 (English) per year
Higher and Undergraduate educational  sponsorship ~£300 per year
Health & Medical
Early Diagnosis/Preventative Health Camps £5 per patient treated
Jamiah Haqqaniya medical costs £30 per student/teacher
Dialysis/Cataract Surgery £15/£50 per procedure
Social & Welfare
Training & Tools for trades £100 per person
Widows/Orphan Support £120 per year/£10 per month
Nikah Programme £250
Ramadhan Food Parcel £15

This year we are continuing the appeal to rebuild the boundary wall of the Muslim burial grounds in Kathor.  Only Lillah & Interest donations are accepted for this project.

The Society also supports emergency relief efforts worldwide through Ummah Welfare Trust (

We humbly request that you set a little aside for our appeal from your Lillah, Sadaqah or Zakah donations this Ramadhan.  We also request your du’as & continued support.

Jazakumullah-khair and Was-salaam,
Kathor Muslim Society of UK,
Ramadhan 1440/2019.
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